Bunded Oil Tanks

以堤围石油谭k has two skins. This type of tank provides a level of protection should the interior skin leak by containing the oil in the space between the skins – the bund. This prevents many accidental spills. Whether you’re a domestic customer or an oil tank installer, it’s important to understand the benefits of a bunded oil tank.

Oil Spills Cost Domestic Users

Oil is a valuable liquid so the last thing you want to happen is for your investment to simply disappear because of a leak. As well as the dent in your pocket caused by the loss of your oil, the costs of an environmental clean-up can be considerable. As the owner of the tank, you are held fully responsible for dealing with any spills. If the Environment Agency has to become involved in larger clean-ups, particularly if pollution affects sewage systems or natural waterways, you could find yourself with a large bill.

Don’t Let Oil Spills Damage Your Organisation’s Reputation for the Sake of a Bund!

As a business consumer, as well as the financial loss caused by a spill, you should also consider the potential negative impact on your reputation as an environmentally-conscious organisation. This is becoming more and more important to consumers.

Choosing aSteelorPlastic Bunded Tank

The most common type of bunded tanks are made from steel – but you’ll also come across plastic tanks with this design. Steel is generally more durable and cost-effective over the long-term, but each type of tank has its own pros and cons.Read more about choosing between a plastic or steel tank.

Stop Oil Thieves in their Tracks

以堤围石油谭k is the best choice when it comes to the security of oil stocks. Unfortunately, oil theft is on the increase around the UK. A single-skinned tank is far easier to puncture and drain oil from. A bunded steel tank is a substantial deterrent to thieves. Penetrating two layers of steel takes time and makes noise – two things that thieves definitely want to avoid.

Buying the Right Tank

We stock a large range of2020欧洲杯亚博 in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different locations and levels of oil consumption. Whether you’re fuelling a smaller domestic heating system or have a large commercial premises, there’s an oil tank that’s right for you. The team at Atlantis Tanks has decades of shared experience in helping customers choose the perfect tank for their needs. We’re always happy to advise on what tank will offer the best performance in specific circumstances. If you’d like to chat to the team,just get in touch.

Bespoke Bunded Oil Tanks

Sometimes, a standard size oil tank just isn’t going to work in the space available. That’s why we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. Whatever size or shape you need – whatever the situation or circumstance – we can provide an oil tank to suit the space and required configuration. In fact, we love nothing more than the challenge of creating oil tanks that match our customers’ needs – no matter how unusual.We don’t just sell tanks, we provide solutions.

Atlantis Tanks- The Legendary Delivery Service

Our bunded oil tanks are delivered across the UK by our in-house team of experienced drivers. Our drivers can access the most challenging of locations and can sometimes deliver as quickly as the next day.

Regulatory Compliance and Guarantee

All our bunded oil tanks comply with the relevant regulations for their approved use. Our tanks also come with a comprehensive, market-leading guarantee.


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